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The new YLN catalog allows you to create and save lists in your account. To create a list just click Add to List under the title record of any item you want to remember as you’re searching or browsing. Once you click Add to List you will see a popup that already has a list called My Favorites. You can save items to that list or you can click Create a New List. Give the new list an appropriate name and description and you’re on your way. You can create as many lists as you would like. 

Screenshot of search result

Screenshot of custom list

You can change the Access of your list to Public or keep it Private, depending on whether you want to share your lists or not. If your list is set to Private, no one else will see it. If you choose to set the access to Public, you can share your list[s] with others! Once you have created your list, you can view all your lists in your account by clicking the My Lists tab at the bottom of your account menu. Select a list to email it list, print it, generate citations, or change the sort order.

Screenshot of Add to List page